Campus Introduction

China University of Science and Technology established a branch in Hengshan township
Hsinchu County in 2003. Aviation Mechanical Engineering and System School, Aviation
Transportation School, Department of aviation mechanical engineering, avionics, aviation services
and management, and aviation services-related tourism and hospitality have been established.
Till this day, the whole campus has formed a complete aviation and aerospace learning zone.
Besides, through cooperating with Lufthansa to establish "China Aviation School", the only
authorized aircraft maintenance center in Asia, the training is more equipped. The training hours
and contents are in line with EU's approval, and upon completing the training session, the trainees
can directly apply for the European aircraft repair technician. Moreover, as the only qualified
aircraft repair training institution approved by Civil Aeronautics Administration in Taiwan,
the existing base for doing researches and learning is well-rounded on Hsinchu campus.